• Spaghetti Bolognese

    An Italian pasta with meat-based red sauce and grated cheese on top.

  • Yellow Fried Chicken

    One of Indonesian dish which usually complemented by tempeh, tofu, fresh vegetables, and chili sauce.

  • Champignon Mushroom Soup

    Healthy soup which consist of champignon mushrooms, broccoli, peas, and sliced ham.

  • Beef Steak

    The combination of beef with other spices and seasonings makes this dish more savory and delicious.

  • Chicken Steak

    A sweet and a bit sour breast chicken served with vegetables.

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Beef SteakSeasoned minced beef with special spices and sweet-sour sauce, also served with vegetables.
1 hr
1 hr
Fried DumplingsFried dumplings are snacks that can be enjoyed while doing activities or resting, and also can be eaten with warm rice too.
50 mins
50 mins
Butter Fried ChickenTo make the chicken tasty and tender, you should roast/grill the chicken first, then deep fried. After that, cooked with a special marinated sauce that makes this dish even more delicious.
1 hr 30 mins
1 hr 30 mins
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